Thinking about buying Tesla Motors Model S amazing all-electric sedan? Or already own one and want to know all the tips and tricks? Or just want to learn more about Tesla Motors and the car? This book is for you.

Owning Model S, The Book

Model S owners think they know their car, but there are many aspects of the car that are known to only the most avid owners, and even they don't know them all. Owning Model S reveals them all.

In addition, Nick Howe provides an in-depth discussion of ways you can customize Model S-wheels, interior, wraps, electronics, and more-all with pictures that help you visualize the custom look.

Owning Model S is full of interesting facts, must read tips and tricks, copious web references, and useful graphs, pictures and graphics. It has a glossary for those who are unfamiliar with some of the EV terminology and a detailed index for those who will use the book as a reference.

Cover of Owning Model S The Book

The Author: Nick Howe

Born and raised in England, I moved to South Florida in 2006 and my pearl white Model S P85 is my daily driver. Back in 2010 when I placed my order, Model S was a distant dream-the "alpha" prototype existed, but I didn't know if it would ever enter production.

In October 2011, I was at the factory when Elon Musk drove the first beta car onto the stage and announced to the world that this thing was real. I took delivery in January 2013 and discovered that Model S is in many ways like every car you've ever owned, but in many other ways it's like nothing you've ever owned. In the three years since I placed the order I've learned much about Model S, been asked and have answered many questions and seen many statements made (quite a few of them incorrect) about the car, the battery, charging, range... the list goes on.

I wrote this book-to share my experiences and to help you make the most of something that is so familiar, yet so different.

This book sets out to dispel the myths that surround this engineering marvel, and to help you through the journey of evaluating, configuring, and ultimately owning Model S.